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Warden Roger Fielder by Miel1994 Warden Roger Fielder by Miel1994
Police Chief Roger Fielder
Born: Totland Bay, England
Date of Birth: 5th February 1910
Sex: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Relationship: Divorced
Children: None

Bio: After 15 years of being a successful Police warden in Totland Bay, Roger moved to Checkpoint Equestria, after a re-assignment from his Infantry Division. He noted that Mafia overruled the town, and that the current Chief was as corrupt as it could be. The corruption of the previous chief led to his ‘Car accident’ 2 weeks later (He refused to longer co-operate with the mafia, so they got rid of him).

A perfect chance for Roger. He took over the function of Police Chief, and started to put heavy pressure on the mafia families. This led to a gang war between the 2 families (The Staggione Clan and the Bontande Clan [A.K.A the C.E. Mafia]). The C.E. Mafia decided to co-operate. This led to the departure of the Staggione Clan, and the death of Jack Winters (Miel’s Dad).
Ever since, Roger is leading the town and the side districts with a straight vision on justice.

His ‘personal’ greatest enemy? Scarlet Sketch. Ever since she stroke down in Downtown, he started the hunt. Word on the streets is that he wants redemption for something. Might explain his ‘freak’-hunting. Also has a passionate hate for Fitzgerald’s Equestrian Division (F.E.D.).

Now moved to C.E. West (The German Sector), after C.E. North got stuck with the REDs 'n BLU Rebels.

Assistant: Dennis Fischer (Soon to be seen)
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