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Submitted on
July 1, 2012


5 (who?)
The title of a thing I'm now working on. I'm looking for others to join, for:

- Rebels (Allies, under command of John Fielder [Replacing McAllister])
- Repressors (Axis, currently under command under RED Medic, name not given yet)
- Civilians, P.O.W.'s (Mostly captured allies, or underpressed civilians)

It's going to take place on different TF2 maps going from Pl_Barnblitz to Cp_Steel.

Things I need to know:
- Name of Character
- Team (Axis: Red and maybe a other/Allies: Blue, Green/Yellow: Civilians)
- Weapon
- Equipment (what does your character wear of items)

OC's are also welcome.

Example will be posted later.

Miel Out.

Example of the RED Team:
Herr Heinrich 'Headshot' by d0ntst0pme
Example of the BLU Team:
The Rebels (BLU, GRN, YLO, OC's) Preview by Miel1994
Example of the YLO Team:
The Deal by TheFranckCarde

Current stand of persons in both teams (all persons):
Axis: 4 (without my characters)
Allies (BLU & GRN): 6 (without me)
Civilians (support the allies): 1
Balance troops (Don't support any side, only if 1 of 'em is underpowered)

:Update: Good, until now everyone is in, no matter what. For the rest, I'm picking out certain maps and locations as a battlefield/HQ.

That's it for now. Go on with your tasks.
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TheMentleGen Aug 12, 2012
My submission: [link]
bronyXD Aug 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i guess i will do one if not over

name: elaz
class: pyro scout (just a scout who can use a flamethrower)
team: red
misc and clothing: fox tail, scout casual sweater, and pilot helmet.

weapon: flamethrower and cerberus (giant beam sword)
Miel1994 Aug 12, 2012  Student Artist
Is it possible to give me a photo of him? Because:
1) To see he can join the REDs
2) He even fits in.
bronyXD Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist,s the one with the pikachu on his back.

Miel1994 Aug 13, 2012  Student Artist
I'm not sure if I can add him, since there already is a persona with the same outfit (except for the tail and the pikachu).
AdmiralTrainstorm Jul 4, 2012
Gonna make some loser up on the spot.

Name: Rijno Mc'Typewriter

Class: Medic

Faction: Civilian who picks fights even though he hasn't a hope of winning. Extremely easy to kill.

Hat: Demoman's Tam'O'Shanter, Professor specs

Behavior: Very disrespectful, insists on putting a high pitched "OKAY" in every sentence. Hates people who can use grammar properly.

Method of combat: Running into the enemies' firing range and trying to slap their bullets away.
Should probably do one for me

Name:Gentlmanly Soldier

Hats and misc:Soldiers stash,fancy uniform, and scarf

weapons: rocket launcher,shotgun, katana or trench knife,and revolver

behavior: respectful to everyone (even if there a pony), loyal to the men in his squad, and always ready to crack the skull of anyone on RED team

method of combat: blitskerg, rocketeering, close range
Name: Miles
Faction: Blue
Hats: Texas Ten Gallon
Equipment: Primeval Warrior, Gunslinger, Pipboy, Scarf.
Weapons: Frontier Justice, Frontier Justice, Ambassador
Behavior: Overuses The word "Faggot" but sometimes doesn't speak at all making people meeting him think he is a mute he is sarcastic at times being mostly comic relief at times, He also analyses situations finding the best method to go by.

Extra: Rather than wearing blue, he prefers to wear Green.
Miel1994 Jul 3, 2012  Student Artist
Green's allowed too
Okay. Also made a pic of Miles shooting a spy [link]
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